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What's the Plus with a Developmental Preschool?

At Pediatrics Plus, our developmental programs and curriculums are evidence based. We focus our curriculums, classroom management structure, and creative learning on three main components:

Sequential Skill Development: Given our unique developmental preschool structure, Pediatrics Plus has developed a curriculum that is appropriate for a wide range of developmental levels within a single classroom. Our newly developed curriculum, which facilitates appropriate sequential order of developmental skills, provides our staff with the tools to individually design any classroom activity or developmental milestone to the developmental level of each child. Results of the use of our newly developed curriculum have shown that a child at any developmental level is able to learn to scaffold skills, show fewer “scattered skills” and experience a more enjoyable and successful experience with each activity.

Social Emotional Development: 
We take an individualized approach to social-emotional development using “engagement.” Our expectation of engagement is that each teacher continually assesses the child during play and other activities and steps in and out as needed to allow more independence & problem solving, encourage the child further in his/her problem solving, or provide appropriate play modeling. We are able to achieve this level of engagement by providing specialized training and very low teacher to child ratios.  

Links to research: www.developingchild.harvard.edu

We implement Second Step Curriculum in each classroom to ensure that our staff understands the most appropriate ways to address social-emotional development. The Second Step Early Learning Program promotes success in the early learning classroom, school readiness, and social and life success by developing a child's self-regulation skills, social-emotional competencies, empathy, friendship skills, and problem solving.

Brain Development: 
By engaging children in intentional multi-sensory experiences, which simultaneously stimulate specific brain centers (i.e. visual, auditory, tactile, and coordination), we can help build a more dynamically developed brain. This type of multi-sensory, hands-on learning builds the strong foundation and brain architecture upon which all future cognitive, social-emotional, and developmental skills can be built.  Only with a strong foundation, can children truly achieve their maximum potential for building skills & appropriate relationships throughout life.

Links to research: www.developingchild.harvard.edu

Our Developmental Classrooms: 

  • Integrate children with & without special needs 

  • Offer a very low teacher to child ratio 

  • Use developmentally appropriate and evidence based practices 

  • Incorporate Handwriting Without Tears, a multi-sensory approach to handwriting that makes writing more fun and easier to learn. 

  • Follow an individualized treatment plan based on the specific needs of each child

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