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Pediatrics Plus focuses on the whole child through a multi-disciplinary approach to therapy. While looking at the child’s strengths and needs in the areas of occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. Then a treatment plan is created in order to help a child magnify their strengths and improve their needs. Through therapy, children will engage in several functional activities through a scaffolding approach as they gain skills and increase confidence in order to empower them to conquer their world.

For Parents:

Once referred for a therapy evaluation, you will be given specific days and times for your child to be evaluated in disciplines of concern. During the evaluation(s), an evaluating clinician will spend time with you and your child to gain an understanding of your concerns, the challenges that your child faces, and how those challenges impact your child’s daily life. Following the evaluation, you will be given information regarding the results of the evaluation and recommendations for therapy or home programming. You and your child’s pediatrician will receive a full written evaluation regarding your child’s strengths and needs, along with long-term goals and objectives.

If therapy services are recommended for your child, Pediatrics Plus will work to assign them to a specific therapist in the field(s) in which therapy has been recommended (occupational, physical, or speech). Your therapist(s) will work with you and/or classroom teachers in order to ensure that skills acquired in therapy are not just limited to one environment but generalized into multiple aspects of your child’s life.

Therapies we Offer:

Developmental Preschool

Applied Behavior Analysis (Services for Autism)

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

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